Below is a comparison of the features of the two PaceSafe products

Secure loginyesyes
Multiple usersunlimitedunlimited
admin / normal user levelsyesyes
multiple sites across multiple locationunlimitedunlimited
Number of camerasper contractper contract
Client configurationyesyes
Real time offence capturenoyes
Live monitoringnoyes
Secure Event Storage (central DB)yesyes
Online Event / Offence Retrial (image + data)yesyes
Print of Event / Offenceyesyes
Archive old eventsyesyes
Useful standard Report setyesyes
Standard Search Functionalityyesyes
Realtime Reporting and Analyticsnoyes
Offence alerts via emailnoyes
Offence alerts via text message (SMS)noyes
Data Import Functionyesno
Event Exportyesyes
monthly billingyesyes
easy no hassle setupyesyes
browser compatibilityyesyes

* at an additional cost.

How PaceSafe Works

PaceSafe integrates with ANPR camera/s (automatic number plate recognition camera) and events are captured and fed to the PaceSafe database. Various sensor technology can be used – infrared, radar, or optically triggered, so every environment can be catered for.

For each event captured by the PaceSafe system shows the following meta-data:

  • Event time
  • Location (site and camera)
  • Number Plate recognition (vehicle registration) of vehicles
  • An image of the vehicle
  • The speed of the vehicle
  • An indication if that speed is over the relevant speed limit - red flagged

The PaceSafe service sits securely in the cloud and is able to gather events in real time from multiple remote cameras. The authorised user simply logs into the PaceSafe website over a secure Internet connection and views the event data

Once logged in, many different searches on the event data are possible, such as searching by camera, or vehicle registration, and displaying all events, latest events, or only overspeed events.

With the PaceSafe product, the user can also see live event data as it comes in from the camera, which will be useful if the operator needs to speak to the offender whilst he or she is on site. Additionally, overspeed reg flag events can trigger an alert email or SMS text message to an operator, so the PaceSafe system doesn't have to be monitored continually. Blacklisting and Whitelisting of vehicles is possible for PaceSafe Live.

In such cases where vehicles have breached speed limits, whether email alerts are used or not, events can be printed or exported so that the appropriate disciplinary procedure can easily be initiated.

The end-user has complete control over the data, and can configure sites descriptions and camera speed limits.

Speed limits can be set on a per-site or per-camera basis, and under-speed events can be stored in addition to over-speed events, so our systems can be used for vehicle tracking, logging and fleet management.

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