PaceSafe Products

PaceSafe is a site traffic control system which offers a private enforcement solution for clients ranging from work sites to Business Parks.

Many medium to large sized businesses have private roads as well as private car parking. Safe driving and driving below the site speed limits is imperative to ensure an accident free environment and safe control of traffic on site. It is incumbent of Health and Safety officials to ensure reasonable steps are taken into creating a safe environment, and this is where a PaceSafe solution can help.

We have two products available:

PaceSafe Live

  • for permanent camera/s installations
  • at sites where network and power wiring is available
  • for live feedback of events
  • for whitelisting and blacklisting of vehicles

PaceSafe Lite

  • for sites in remote locations
  • for temporary placement such as building or construction sites
  • camera/s are fitted with batteries capable of lasting long enough for a week of service
  • timer-triggered to switch cameras on or off at set times
  • a maintenance laptop is provided to sync events from the cameras to the PaceSafe service at the user's convenience

Example Applications

Either PaceSafe solution can be applied to wide range of applications, including:
  • bus stations
  • onshore oil / gas drilling / refineries
  • chemical / petrochemical
  • logistics hubs (road / rail)
  • mining / quarries
  • airports / ports
  • university campus
  • hospitals
  • large manufacturing sites
  • construction and work sites
  • logging industry

To find out which product is right for your site, further information is available on our features page.

PaceSafe is available on a 12 month minimum contract basis (billed monthly). Please contact us today for a competitive quote, or check out our demo.