PaceSafe provides a complete private site speed-enforcement solution. Our ANPR cameras are capable of multi-lane number plate recognition for all vehicle types. Clients from Business Parks to work sites will all benefit from our cutting-edge web portal and in-cloud database.

Health and Safety departments increasingly have to take responsibility for controlling vehicle speeds on private sites, and we now have the perfect low-cost hardware and software package, utilising spot speed or average speed cameras with or without ANPR - number plate recognition cameras.

The PaceSafe service sits securely in the cloud and is able to gather events in real time from multiple remote cameras. A secure login provides web access to view, search, and print events, in addition to emailing alerts for over-speed or blacklist events. For clients with no Internet access, a local version of PaceSafe is also available to cater for all eventualities. PaceSafe have teamed up with Truvelo - the UK's foremost speed enforcement camera provider to the public sector - to provide first class number plate recognition camera installations. Contact Us today.

Monitors speeds and vehicles Displays speeds of vehicles to monitor worker driving behaviour
Logs speeds and vehicles Provides records to enable enforcement of site traffic rules
Red Flags overspeed incidents Logs and displays vehicles travelling over the set speed
Fully searchable Search by vehicle, overspeed, date, time
Total package supplied Hardware, software, installation and training provided for a total solution
Perfect for Work Site Traffic Control
Transport and Logistics Depots
Bus Stations
Business Parks
Construction Sites